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Assai offers different product suites AssaiPROJECTS, AssaiOPERATIONS, AssaiMOBILE and AssaiONSITE dedicated to the needs of your organization



AssaiPROJECTS supports you managing all your project data covering correspondence, corporate documents, technical documentation and drawings and asset data.
AssaiPROJECTS comes with workflow, intelligent numbering structures, document planning, progress calculation, transmittal based distribution, interface management functionality, AssaiONSITE and more. AssaiPROJECTS can be installed on-premises or made available as a Cloud service.
AssaiPROJECTS is available for a single project environment of for multiple projects.



AssaiDC supports all activities required by document controllers to manage and distribute documents.


AssaiVENDOC is dedicated to supporting vendors/suppliers.

There should be slightly different processes for managing and controlling vendor/supplier documentation. For example, the technical drawing deliverables for bought equipment should be ‘Final Certified’ rather than ‘As-Built’ when they are fully approved.

AssaiVENDOC is strongly organized around the Purchase Orders received and the equipment to be produced and delivered. AssaiVENDOC supports the definition of the SDRL, including due dates, document creation and revision control and transmittal based distribution to clients and subcontractors. A dedicated environment is available for engineers to create, manage and process the equipment related documentation. As with all other Assai products, there are multiple out-of-the-box reports to inform you on progress and late and outstanding documents.


AssaiOPERATIONS offers a comprehensive set of functionality to manage your asset data in the operational stage. The asset data comprises systems, equipment, tags, correspondence items, corporate documents, technical documents and drawings, handling of technical queries.
AssaiOPERATIONS is supported by workflow, transmittal based distribution, concurrent engineering, webbased redlining, AssaiONSITE and more. AssaiOPERATIONS can be installed on-premise or made available as a Cloud service.


Using AssaiMOBILE on your mobile device you can find documents and drawings easily. Walking down the plant, just key the area code, tag number and or document type and the required documentation is directly available AssaiMOBILE is an add on to the main product suites.



In Assai teams can set up a collaborative work environment, supported by check-in check-out, group check out, workflow, revision control planning, progress calculation, reporting and other features.
One can drag and drop records from one folder to another. Records can sit in multiple folders at the same time. Change a record in one folder and it is updated automatically in all folders. One can drag and drop new files from the local environment into the system. New record creation is supported by intelligent numbering structures. AssaiWORKSPACE is an add-on to the main product suites.


AssaiONSITE supports replication to remote locations. When at a remote location the connection to the central server goes down, one still has access to the documentation. AssaiONSITE offer a light drill down and search function. Only a simple light server is required on the remote location. And of course enough disk space to support the replication. Using AssaiONSITE you can easily meet the safety requirements on local documentation availability. AssaiONSITE is an add-on to the main product suites.



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