Last year many clients migrated to the new version and are experiencing higher end user productivity and lower cost of Operation. End user productivity has gone up and costs of Oracle licenses have gone down. Instead of running on the Oracle Forms Server, Vaizr is running on Tomcat. Tomcat is easier to install, maintain and comes free.

Using VAIZR, Assai migrated its major document management system from Oracle Forms to a Java build interface. The end product gives a modern end users interface. End users working in the interface give a much higher score to the product compared to end users in Oracle Forms.

The end product does not require the Oracle Application Server anymore, saving dramatically on license costs and implementation costs. And even more importantly, the end product is more stable and requires much less development effort and maintenance. Software build in VAIZR is used by end users worldwide.

If you are interested in migrating from Oracle Forms to a stable proven development environment, have a look at VAIZR.
Assai is looking for partners to promote the product.