Restful API

A new industry standard is a Restful API. This standard supports the secure and safe data extraction for web hosted applications. Now one can directly extract information from the Assai database into Excel. With the press of just one button. (On-premise installation) or using BIRT reports or data exports.

Many projects use Excel as a tool to report on project status. Users create their own bar and line charts supported by Pivot tables. Information is extracted from Excel using ODBC links Assai has made some dashboards in Excel For a number of clients, giving details on document progress, the productivity of document controllers, the performance of contractors and project and discipline progress (S-curves).

A key advantage of Excel based dashboards is that end users have knowledge of Excel. This makes it extremely easy to build your own graphs and line charts according to project requirements.

With this Excel based dashboard, Assai gives you more control of your projects and programmes.