The Covid-19  crisis is having a great impact on how people work. Due to this pandemic, employees have been forced to work from their own home and without realising, this process has changed the reality of what a workplace means for the future.

It is now clear that the work-from-home model, which many businesses had discussed before with uncertainty, has been proven as a legitimate way of working.

But how effective is working from home?

With the ongoing situation it’s easier to see more and more people checking their e-mails from the beach, submitting proposals from foreign countries, drafting reports on the train and taking calls from coffee shops and home offices.

As this won’t be a temporary trend, it is essential for companies to have the right tools in place to support their employees to work flexibly and remotely.


Optimising remote working

Having the right tools in place to support employees, offers the opportunity to work from remote locations with all the data they need at their fingertips. Document management systems are the perfect example: they help companies to easily implement remote working by offering visibility on the work progress, compliance and intelligent workflow.

A document management system makes it easier for managers to identify bottlenecks, processes that are working well and the areas that need improvement. This systems also simplify the follow up with the clients and employees located all over the world.

Data security compliance is also covered. Every movement within the workflow process is tracked, giving a complete overview of the document revision history. Many document management systems, such as Assai DCMS, are role-based, giving managers the opportunity to control permissions for individual employees.

Keeping business processes and procedures consistent is possible thanks to automated intelligent workflow that automatically routes documents to the proper approvals, based on business rules. Exceptions are handled individually, while everything else smoothly operates without manual intervention. When the time consuming processes are automated, it allows employees – remote or otherwise – to focus on more pertinent tasks and projects.


About AssaiDCMS

Assai is the global leader in Document Management Solutions for complex engineering and construction projects, characterized by a unique focus on pro-actively “controlling” the document revision flows and timely interactions among all project stakeholders.

Leading companies such as Shell, Qatar Petroleum, Transport for London, Scottish Power and many others, trust our self-configurable cloud-based software especially during this uncertain Corona times.

AssaiDCMS manages and delivers projects in-time and in-budget, at an affordable cost, avoiding redundant work and confusion over version compliance, approval status and unclear tasks leading to frustration, delays and higher project costs.