AssaiDCMS has two user interfaces: AssaiADMIN for Document Controllers and Application Managers and AssaiWEB for internal and external end users. External users can only access the AssaiWEB interface, where a dedicated set of screens and features are available to exchange documents & comments, queries and correspondence. This is referred to as AssaiPORTAL. External users will have different (restricted) access to data and features compared to internal users.

In AssaiPORTAL, external parties can directly upload/download records and files into/from Assai. AssaiPORTAL is a strictly controlled environment limiting the rights of external organizations to the minimum required to execute their tasks. AssaiPORTAL is the start point (upload) and end point (download) of a fully integrated processes as redlining and commenting. With this interface, files no longer need to be uploaded through FTP-sites or attached to emails. AssaiPORTAL boosts productivity and shortens the review cycles.