Assai 9.8 is coming soon!

As we eagerly await the release of AssaiDCMS 9.8. Here's a reminder of some of the improvements we introduced with release 9.7... Document Inbox improvements Firstly, outstanding actions are now indicated by red numbers thus making them immediately visible within the inbox menus. Secondly, it is clearer to see user roles in reviews as well [...]

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Webinar: Endless opportunities with REST API

The Assai RESTful API supports information exchange with third-party systems such as Power BI, 3D design environments, Digital Twins, GEOspatial systems, financial systems, and planning systems. With REST API, you can easily extract and load information into AssaiDCMS in a secure and controlled way. Watch Now

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Webinar: Transmittal-based workflow

Learn how AssaiDCMS helps document controllers to process high volumes of documents and consequently generate higher productivity in our webinar on Transmittal-based Workflow. WEBINAR AGENDA Why AssaiDCMS? Transmittal-Based Workflow in Assai TBW - Demo New features Watch Now

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Webinar: Preparing for the Rebound

The economy is expected to rebound after the lockdown. During this rebound, the number of projects will initially be small, so competition will be fierce. Now is the time to prepare and future-proof your organisation. New technology can make your company more efficient and effective, as well as helping you to gain a competitive edge. [...]

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