As we eagerly await the release of AssaiDCMS 9.8. Here’s a reminder of some of the improvements we introduced with release 9.7…

Document Inbox improvements
Firstly, outstanding actions are now indicated by red numbers thus making them immediately visible within the inbox menus. Secondly, it is clearer to see user roles in reviews as well as their current status. Finally, outstanding, late, or closed actions are now easier to find.

Generate CAD file templates
With AssaiDCMS, you can now create CAD files in various formats (dwg/dxf/dgn) based on your company standards. Moreover, metadata such as document number, revision, or title are automatically inserted.

Document stamping
You can now create custom stamps and stamp every page of a document, if needed, including images such as company logos.

AssaiWEB improvements
Firstly the current project title is always visible now. Additionally, we’ve introduced enhanced access control on source files and the ability to search for documents using an asset breakdown tree. Finally, the quick-search bar has been improved.

Distribution matrix extended
With the extension of the distribution matrix, automated distribution can be based on more fields, such as asset item, purchase order, or work package.

Release 9.8