Additional Modules

Assai offers several different product suites including AssaiPROJECTS, AssaiOPERATIONS, AssaiMOBILE and AssaiONSITE, all dedicated to the needs of your organisation

AssaiAIM – supporting Asset Information Management

The asset module is the core of AssaiAIM since it offers the option to define the asset hierarchy. You can define the required metadata per type of asset item. Moreover, AssaiAIM offers revision control on asset items supported by check-in and check–out.


Integrated Project Environment

The integrated project environment enables multiple companies, including the owner/client, contractors, and subcontractors, to work on the same project which resides in a single AssaiDCMS database. As a result, the full document control and management of all the companies involved can be done in a single AssaiDCMS database. To name a few advantages of this integrated environment:

  • Cost-effective: multiple parties work in the same AssaiDCMS database.
  • Easy and efficient: no longer requires the use of an FTP site, nor the AssaiPORTAL for document exchange.
  • Time-saving: no longer need to download and upload documents.
  • Secure: data is only visible to users with the correct privileges.

Interface Third-Party Reporting Tool

AssaiDCMS has a dedicated interface containing a set of views that support the building of reports with external tools such as Crystal Reports or Business Objects. This dedicated set of views has the advantage that no detailed knowledge of the data model is required.


Brava! Viewer & Redlining Incl or Excl. AutoCAD

AssaiDCMS integrates with Brava! viewer and Redlining tool. Brava! supports the opening of over 300 different file types and has an in-built redlining option. Moreover, it is web-based and allows multiple engineers to redline and mark-up the same file simultaneously. Furthermore, lead/responsible engineers can collate the mark-ups and comments of individual engineers and burn the final set of mark-ups and comments into a final redlined version. Finally, Brava! comes in two categories, one supporting the opening and redlining of AutoCAD files and one that does not support AutoCAD.


An add-on to the main product suites, AssaiMOBILE allows you to find documents and drawings easily from your mobile device. Walking down the plant, just type in the area code, tag number, and/or document type, and the required documentation is directly available.



In Assai, teams can set up a collaborative work environment supported by check-in, check-out, group check-out, workflow, revision control planning, progress calculation, reporting, and other features. In the first place, you can easily drag and drop records from one folder to another. Additionally, records can sit in multiple folders at the same time. If you change a record in one folder then it is automatically updated in all folders. You can drag and drop new files from the local environment into the system. Finally, new record creation is supported by intelligent numbering structures. AssaiWORKSPACE is an add-on to the main product suites.


An add-on to the main product suites, AssaiONSITE supports replication to remote locations. This means that if the connection to the central server goes down at a remote location, users will still have access to the documentation. AssaiONSITE offers light drill-down and search functions. Moreover, only a basic light server is required at the remote location as well as enough disk space to support the replication. In addition, AssaiONSITE allows you to easily meet the safety requirements concerning local documentation availability.


Vendor document control

Vendor document control supports vendors/suppliers and offers most of the same functionality as AssaiDM and AssaiPROJECTS. Only vendors delivering equipment to their clients as (sub-)contractors or client-operators are permitted to use vendor document control. The system offers references to sales orders, purchase orders, and equipment and supports control on the level of the document requirement list. In Addition, it also comes with an extensive set of reports.


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