Assai is the global leader in Document Control and Management Solutions for complex engineering and construction projects with a unique focus on pro-actively ‘controlling’ the document revision flows and timely interactions among all project stakeholders.

In the large project environments like Oil & Gas, Engineering, Infrastructure, Transportation, Mining, Sustainable Energy and Manufacturing where-in many parties are involved Assai’s Document Control System can provide/share information on timely basis to enable and deliver a Project On time with Operational efficiency.

Assai’s Integrated DMS is the system that provides complete control on Planning and Process, Asset Information Management, Project Delivery, Review & Revision Control.

Assai’s integrated system allows Document Controllers, Engineers, and Planners to work together on project deliverables. The application supports different user groups in their day-to-day work with, for example, dashboards, graphs, automatic e-mail notifications and dedicated inboxes that show outstanding work. Assai seamlessly integrates with other applications in your application landscape through our powerful in-house developed REST API.

This means a complete End to End document integration supporting all stages of a project: “One Integrated documents management System for engineers, planner, managers and Document Controllers”. This brings in most needed Stage wise review process and Course correction and meeting the Improved Document Quality and Increased Productivity and Early Project delivery.

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