AssaiCLOUD (SaaS)

The majority of Assai clients use AssaiCLOUD

The current global situation has proved that the ability to be flexible and mobile is essential. AssaiCLOUD, the SaaS version of AssaiDCMS, allows you to work from anywhere in the world, at any time.

When you decide to move to AssaiCLOUD, Assai:

  • Takes care of all maintenance including upgrades, patches, monitoring, and back-ups;
  • Ensures you are always using the latest version of AssaiDCMS and all the extra features and functionality this includes;
  • Manages third-party software, including Oracle and Brava!;
  • Guarantees an uptime of at least 99.5%.

AssaiCLOUD runs on Microsoft Azure, giving you the certainty and security of a top-quality high-performance environment. In addition, the bandwidth on the ISP site is very high. Finally, there are no bottlenecks on the Assai side for uploading and downloading files.



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