Oil and gas projects and it’s project managers handle an incredible number of documents on a daily basis, including project plans, personnel records, invoices, compliance documentation, leasing agreements, inspection records, and much more.

That is why Assai, our document control, and document management software is essential for complex oil and gas projects.

Assai helps you digitize all documents, protects your data, and helps streamline & automate paperwork processes like document indexing, transfers, signing, stamping, etc.  – so you can focus on delivering your projects on time and on budget.

With Assai you can easily and efficiently:

  • Organize your documents
    • a wide range of documents with different file formats require a document management software that can simply separate and arrange them into folders, stacks, and groups supporting all file types.
  • Increase productivity
    • Assai makes document filing, searching, and sharing more efficient, resulting in a significant decrease of time and resources.
  • Automate document processes
    • workflow tasks such as document indexing, document approvals, obtaining project updates, etc. can be automated when using Assai.
  • Enhance data security
    • Assai allows you to encrypt your documents, to protect them from unauthorized viewing or sharing, even by your own employees.

Still have questions about document control and management for your Oil & Gas Firm?

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