Assai was developed based on the demands of complex oil & gas engineering projects and continues to innovate in tandem with the energy industry, supporting the renewable energy sector.

Technological advancement has opened opportunities for extracting unconventional resources and accessing remote locations. Assai continues to evolve in line with the energy industry, like the Renewal energy Offshore Floating Wind farms. Assai is ensuring that for such large-scale projects the Project managers, engineers, Document controller have an easy and secure access to all documents helping to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate the risks of existing operations for such Offshore Energy projects.

Assai brings the improved efficiency and reduced cost of these projects. Document Controllers benefit from built-in workflows which automatically forward documents to the next person inline as well as automatic notifications to remind stakeholders for outstanding actions. Whilst Engineers save time looking for and reviewing documents thanks to integrated redlining and commenting and personal inboxes showing which actions are outstanding.

Assai for Renewable Energy Offshore Project comes with a completely ready build in workflows and to implement it in short duration. The system ensure that you have continuous access to your latest document revisions and files.

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