AssaiWORKSPACE enables users to create and build folder structures according to their personal preferences, independent of any other breakdown structure in the system. Moreover, users can access their personal work environment directly from the central repository.

Team Areas and Folder Structures

Firstly, users can set up their own folder structures or do this per team or department. Next, documents, drawings, emails, and other items stored in the central Assai repository can be added to the designated workspace. Items can be dragged from one folder and dropped into another. Finally, items can reside both virtually and in multiple folders at the same time.

Assai Workspace set up your own folder structures or do this per team

Engineering Environment

With Assai Workspace, engineering teams have the flexibility to be highly productive. Users can:

  • set up their own folder structures;
  • create document placeholders as a starting point for their work;
  • use workflow supported check-in/check-out;
  • create new document records using corporate standards, with automatic number generation;
  • use templates or copy new documents for existing ones;
  • integrate with Office tools using ribbons;
  • use X-ref upload and downloads;
  • store related emails next to their documents;
  • collaborate efficiently and transparently.

Progress Calculation and Dashboards

Control and calculate the progress of any folder content. Moreover, enjoy the ease of automatic progress assignment depending on the status or approval code. Finally, make use of folder-based pie charts and Gantt-charts.


Check-in/Check-out and Workflow support

The check-in and check-out of documents and drawings is directly reflected in other folders and even in other parts of the system. The same applies to the creation of new revisions. Additionally, new revisions are directly available in other parts of Assai, so no synchronization is required. In sum, Assai offers one simple point of truth.

Project Data Management

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Planning & Progress

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Document Control

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