Asset Information Management

With Asset Information Management define the structure of your asset, including metadata. Implement revision control on your asset items. Have a full history of your asset items directly available at your fingertips and link to all related documentation. View your asset structure using the 3D BIM viewer.

Asset Break Down Structure

Build up your asset structure or bulk load the structure from 3rd party systems. Assai supports any break down structure including system, package units, corrosion loops, tags. Elements can reside and be part of systems and locations at the same time. So, it does not matter which tree you walk down, you will find the items you are looking for. In the asset item screens one can directly see all related documents, drawings and correspondence items.


Cost Savings

Imagine that at the construction phase one has all the documentation available, properly organized according to the preferences of the next stage. Imagine without any additional effort one has a complete set of documentation containing the latest revisions. Imagine the time savings normally required to gather the correct information.

Structured Documentation Delivery

Defining an asset break down structure during the project phase comes with many direct advantages during the start of the project phase. In addition the time and cost savings when supporting the As-Built stage and Commissioning and Handover are high. Although Operations are usually not the direct concern of the EPC contractor, proper handover to the client helps you win the next contract.


Progress Monitoring

For any element in the asset break down structure one can monitor the progress of deliverables. Just press the button “calculate” and you are informed on the progress of all documentation related to the selected asset item.
Gantt charts and pie charts with drill down options are directly available.

Asset Item Revision Control and Check-in/Check-out

Depending on the stage of the asset item, one can activate revision control for those items. Revision control will force controlled check out of the asset item. Any change is logged and controlled. Revision control guarantees a full audit history of all changes to the asset. Only authorized staff can create new revisions.

Asset Item Revision Control and Check-in/Check-out

Intelligent Numbering Structures

For any asset type intelligent numbering structures can be defined.  Sequences are generated automatically. So assigning unique numbers to systems, tags and the like has become easy and is in control.

Bulk Load Asset Structure and Details

Asset structures are often defined in engineering tools. Assai can easily import the asset break down structure, including the asset item data.
On (bulk) upload of documents and drawings one can easily define references to one or more elements in the asset tree.


OCR Scanning on Upload

On upload of documents and drawings the system recognize references to package units, areas, system and tags. The uploaded document or drawing is automatically linked to the element in the asset structure.


AssaiDCMS offers an extensive set of reports, out-of-the-box. You always have insight in your asset documentation, know which documents are part of a maintenance project and for how long.
You are in control.


Quality Control

Assai supports a complete set of procedures for change management and organizes your documentation and data in line with your asset break down and corporate standards, documents and data are always directly available. Staff will always have the latest information at their fingertips. Using web browsers on laptops and mobile devices.

Building Information Model (BIM)

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Document Management

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