Bid & Tender Management

Assai helps you compile the tender documentation, distribute it to the tenderers, collate the issued proposal and distribute them to the reviewing teams in a controlled and secure environment.

Dedicated out-of-the-box procedures help you organize the Bid & Tender process.

Tender documentation can easily be compiled reviewed and approved. Tender documentation sets can be made available to a selected group of tenderers. Tenderers can download the tender documentation from a central website removing the need for copying documents to a dedicated system or FTP site.

All downloads are logged. Tenderers can upload the technical and commercial Bid packages. Access to content is fully controlled and monitored.


The handling of additional queries and issue of additional documents is supported.

Assai supports multiple phases in the bidding process. Email notifications can be generated to tenderers who are late or due to be late. The same applies for email generation to members of the tender board.

Project Data Management

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Asset Information Management

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Document Management

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