What is Document Control?

Large engineering projects commonly have hundreds of thousands of documents that need to be created, sorted, reviewed, shared and edited. 

Quick and fluid movement of documents is imperative towards keeping your project on track. Document Control manages this whole process.

The employees responsible for managing this task are called Document Controllers, and their importance scales directly with the size of the project.

To keep their jobs manageable, document controllers use special software purposefully designed to make these tasks easier and provide them with useful information – such as AssaiDCMS.

What is Assai?

At Assai we believe that technology should amplify your business and give you the freedom to focus on what you do best. We achieve this by hiring the best talent, working with the latest technology and by putting industry standards at the forefront of our design

The result is a purpose-built, out-of-the-box Document Control and Management system capable of revolutionizing the way you work.

1. Increased Productivity.

We believe that technology should give you the freedom to focus on what you do best. 

How do we do this?

For example:

The average engineer needs 6 minutes to retrieve a document and he usually needs to retrieve 5 documents every day. 

With Assai retrieving a document takes 8 seconds.

While this is already impressive, the real value becomes apparent when you multiply these numbers over a longer period.

Let’s multiply the same numbers over the course of a year.

Cumulatively, this results in 125 hours every year – wasted.

Here are the results if you were to apply Assai to the same scenario :

When put into perspective like this, the benefits to productivity become self-evident and indisputable.

2. Direct cost saving

Innkeeping with the previous example, we know that the average engineer makes $35/hr

This means an annual loss of approximately $5,000 worth of time per engineer.

However, it is not uncommon for 50 engineers, or more, to be employed at any given time.

Meaning that if your engineers are having a difficult time finding what they’re looking for, you could be losing upwards of $250,000 every year.

How does Assai help with this?

AssaiDCMS was designed with the needs of engineers, managers and document controllers in mind. Assai is specifically designed to automate and streamline every aspect of document control as much as possible.

In fact, with AssaiDCMS document control is so simple that two document controllers could comfortably manage a team of 50 engineers and keep operating.

3. Preventing delays and accidents

When you have  several thousand people all performing different tasks, working towards the same goal, it’s important that everyone be on the same page.

However, if you are operating with unorganized, outdated and scattered information, delays and setbacks are almost inevitable.

And, when considering the sheer magnitude of some projects, even the smallest hiccup can result in millions of dollars lost and missed deadlines.  

And the worst part – it was all completely preventable.

So how does Assai help you prevent this?

In order to mitigate these risks as much as possible, Assai makes sure that engineers and reviewers are always up to date on deadlines; aware of items that are pending; and which items are already overdue.
This way potential problems and delays can be anticipated and prevented in advance.

For example: Document Controllers can instantly generate reports detailing how many documents are outstanding per each engineer as well as how many documents are late.

AssaiDCMS also ensures that the right people find the most recent versions of the right documents.

Furthermore, revision histories allow you to see when documents were accessed; which employee has accessed them; as well as the changes he/she has made.

This way you have a detailed paper trail to follow if needed.

In the event of litigation or claims, your data stored on AssaiDCMS could help you save millions.

4. Increased Security

Companies often handle sensitive client information and share confidential information internally.  Consequently, these sensitive files are usually handled by individuals who have the proper competence and knowledge.

However, If any information was to leak to the wrong person, or was to be stolen by someone with malicious intentions, the potential consequences could be catastrophic.

Assai offers several ways of mitigating these risks.

Once a document or file is uploaded to Assai it is stored to our Cloud server. (Or your company’s on-premises server). Upon uploading documents administrators have the option to limit document accessibility to only specific users. This way you ensure that all sensitive information is only allowed to circulate between authorized employees.

Furthermore, Assai adheres to the highest security standards in the industry. Granting you peace of mind knowing that your information is safe.

Also, recently Assai was found to be SOC-2 Compliant

5. Reduced reliance on paper 

Even in our digital age, some companies still rely heavily on paper-based, hardcopy methods of storing and retrieving information.  Physically storing documents on premises has numerous, self-evident drawbacks. 

A simple example is if your employee is forced to dig through filing cabinets, looking for a file which is currently buried on his co-worker’s desk (who went on vacation two days ago) and now he’s unable to do his job. The whole company suffers.

Statistically, if your main means of document storage are hard copies, every employee will spend 9.6 hours every week digging through filing cabinets.

In contrast, with Assai all you need is the proper access along with the document title and you can find what you are looking for within 8 seconds.

In addition, as everything is stored and organized within the software, retrieving documents is quick and easy, even years after filing. 


The points mentioned here only begin to cover the myriad of ways Assai can improve your business.

Assai has been in the industry for the past 30 years and is the tool of choice for some of the largest Oil&Gas producers on the planet.

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