Building Information Model (BIM) 

Use the 3D web-based BIM viewer to fly over your asset, rotate, zoom in, and directly drill down to the related documents, drawings, correspondence, emails, queries, asset item metadata, or other files. Assai also supports industry-standard IFC files.

With Assai you can directly upload the 3D model in a web based 3D environment.


In Assai, you can upload a 3D model of your asset in a web-based 3D environment. Documentation in Assai can then be linked to items in the 3D model. Consequently, from the scope of the 3D model, you can easily find specifications, calculations, certificates, vendor documents, and any other related data or information. Furthermore, the Assai BIM viewer fully integrates with Assai Asset Information Management, giving you all the advantages of this module.

Asset Structure

Firstly, the BIM viewer directly integrates with Assai Asset Information Management. As a result, new asset items can be directly extracted from the BIM file into Assai and linked to the Assai asset structure. In addition, documents, drawings, correspondence, and emails can be linked to the elements originating from the BIM file.

Asset Information Management easily set-up intelligent numbering structures per element type.

Asset Information Management

In Assai, you can easily set up intelligent numbering structures per element type. Furthermore, you can activate revision control on asset items and limit check-out (revision creation) to authorized users only. Different systems, tags, or equipment items can have different attributes that can be defined per type. Finally, attributes are revision controlled and can be bulk loaded from other systems.

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