A sneak preview of our new logo!

This month sees the launch of Assai's new brand identity. Customers who upgrade to Assai 9.9 in July, will notice that the Assai logo and some key colours have been updated across all interfaces. As the Assai product evolves and our company grows, it seemed an opportune moment to modernise our brand. The new identity [...]

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Assai 9.8 is coming soon!

As we eagerly await the release of AssaiDCMS 9.8. Here's a reminder of some of the improvements we introduced with release 9.7... Document Inbox improvements Firstly, outstanding actions are now indicated by red numbers thus making them immediately visible within the inbox menus. Secondly, it is clearer to see user roles in reviews as well [...]

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Regardless of the industry you serve, managing your documents manually can be difficult and time consuming, not to mention there’s always the risk of human error. The amount of data flowing throughout the organization requires an effective method for managing all of this information. An automated document control system helps by centralizing all data, making [...]

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Why is it essential to use a system like Assai to manage your documents?

The Assai Document Control & Management Solution is more than just filing digital documents for quick retrieval. Assai is about streamlining your daily processes, helping your employees to work more efficiently and effectively, and most importantly, securing mission-critical documents so that your business can go on, as usual, no matter the threat. Here are the top [...]

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Boost productivity and shorten your review cycles with AssaiPORTAL 

AssaiDCMS has two user interfaces: AssaiADMIN for Document Controllers and Application Managers and AssaiWEB for internal and external end users. External users can only access the AssaiWEB interface, where a dedicated set of screens and features are available to exchange documents & comments, queries and correspondence. This is referred to as AssaiPORTAL. External users will [...]

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Privacy Statement

Assai Software Services B.V. (hereafter “Assai”) considers it important to protect personal data of its staff and of external stakeholders. As part of this fundamental obligation, Assai is committed to the appropriate protection and use of personal data that has been collected online. Generally, our intent is to collect only personal data that is provided [...]

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