Corporate Documents

Documentation for departments such as Legal, HR and Contract Management is also stored and managed in Assai. Web based interfaces, workflows, user inboxes and reporting support the handling and control of corporate documents. Strict access control ensures that classified data is accessible by classified staff only.

Supporting Corporate Departments

Corporate departments as HR, Legal, QA and Finance have their own environment to store and manage their documents. Documents can be shared with other departments for information. Also controlled access can be granted to staff of other departments to create and process corporate documents.



Streamline and control workflows using Assai. Easily setup and maintain workflows. Make use of user inboxes, automatic workflow assignment and forwarding. Make use of personal inboxes showing outstanding items. Follow the status of your documents, correspondence and emails in flowcharts. Make use of sequential and parallel workflow and automatic escalation options

Data Protection

Assai offers extensive access control to ensure only authorized staff can see or manipulate specific records. Assai has strong authorization and identification control. Access control can be setup on various levels. It is easily organized in dedicated screens, from project to record level. Every action is logged.


Approval and Electronic Signatures

Make use of electronic sign off and stamping. Items that require signatures or approval stamps can be processed without the cumbersome process of printing, adding wet signatures and scanning. This saves time and also eases the processing of records when staff are not based in the same location.
Electronic stamps may automatically close the review process and generate email notifications to document controllers and engineers.

Intelligent Numbering Structures

Intelligent numbering structures can be created and defined with any permutation of element types. Sequences can be generated automatically. Assigning unique numbers to systems, tags and such like is an easy task and enables comprehensive referencing, trace ability and control and reporting.



The Corporate documents module is supported by an extensive suite of reports. Report listings and outstanding and late reports can be generated out-of-the-box.


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