Document Control

Assai Document Control puts you in full control of your documentation. Plan, preload, check-out, check-in, distribute and collaborate with internal and external staff. Additionally, make use of the many out-of-the-box reports that put you in control.

Revision Control

Assai Document Control gives you full control of all document revisions and makes the latest revision automatically available. For instance, receive document status updates and make use of the fully integrated and configurable business processes handling your revisions. Additionally, make use of electronic stamps that directly update the document approval code in the document register and automatically generate emails to document controllers. Top-quality revision control is key to the success of engineering and construction projects. In sum, Assai meets the standards and requirements of the major industry owner and operators with its out-of-the-box solution.



Distribute documents and drawings easily and efficiently with the state-of-the-art transmittal module. Recipients are copied in automatically based on preloaded distribution matrices. In addition, transmittal emails are automatically generated, including transmittal pdfs, files, red-lined files, and comment sheets. Alternatively, make use of auto-generated URLs that redirect to the recipient’s inbox. The files can be downloaded by the recipients and as a consequence, do not have to be included in emails or published on FTP sites.

Reviewing and Redlining

Dedicated screens enable engineers to execute tasks such as redlining and commenting. Assai supports web-based redlining, thus, mark-ups are directly available to all reviewers. In addition, responsible engineers are notified and can easily collate comments. Inboxes with outstanding items, late email generation, and an extensive suite of reports, all support the control of timely reviewing and redlining.


E-mail notifications and late reports

Assai automatically generates emails to people with outstanding actions that are late or due to be late. Assai has many out-of-the-box reports, from simple listings to planning roll-ups with ‘S’ Curves to late and outstanding reports. Assai is also very strong in historic and forensic reporting to support claim processes and comprehensive analysis.

Vendor Document Control

With Assai’s module for vendor document control, you can define SDRLs for procured equipment and manage progress by equipment, vendor, or purchase order. In addition, register documents and drawings with references to purchase orders, equipment, and tags. Moreover, dedicated control screens support the management of vendor documents. Finally, make use of the extensive reporting suite and generate late email notifications automatically.

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Vendor Document Control

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