E-book: The 9 Stages of Complex Engineering Projects

What's in it for you?

Our Subject Matter Expert, Arno van Vulpen, who has extensive knowledge and experience in the various stages of complex engineering projects, has contributed to our website by writing a series of 9 blog posts. Each article focuses on one stage of the project and provides a summary of what it entails, the key players involved, and how an eDMS like Assai can support the execution of that stage.

The 9 stages of complex engineering projects covered in these posts are the following. You can follow the links or fill the form to download all published articles in a 50+ page PDF, which you can print or distribute in your organization.

  1. The Feasibility Study: the right time to consider an eDMS!
  2. Conceptual Design: starting the design process
  3. Pre-FEED: creating the design basis
  4. FEED: Front-End Engineering Design
  5. Detailed Design: completing the engineering puzzle
  6. Procurement & Fabrication: from theory to reality
  7. Construction & Installation: putting it all together
  8. Pre-Commissioning: getting ready for operations
  9. Handover: from a project to operations

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E-book The 9 stages of complex engineering projects