Your workers time is valuable

Assai’s powerful search functionality and the fact that the latest revision always shows on top, not only reduces the risk of users working from the wrong document but also leads to significant time savings. Some engineers put this at a time saving of up to 2 hours per day (that’s up to 500 hours per year!), meaning that your team can focus on what they do best.

Increase productivity

Assai ensures that engineers and reviewers always meet their deadlines by providing them with a clear overview showing which items are pending and which are overdue. This way, potential problems and delays can be anticipated and prevented in advance. Moreover, project controllers can generate email notification reminders when documents are overdue. This process can even be automated, so that a reminder email is generated as soon as a document exceeds a contractual range.


Lax document control compromises safety. A tiny detail of a drawing that is from a previous revision being used could result in an accident or serious injury. Assai gives you the peace of mind that users are always working from the correct revision and standards, as well as providing robust tracking and traceability.

Technology adoption

Assai is user-friendly and ready out-of-the-box. Our implementation team takes care of implementing the system in line with your business processes and training your key users to ensure full adoption of the system.

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Other industries

Renewable Energy

Assai continues to evolve in line with the energy industry ensuring your team members to always have an easy and secure access to all documents helping to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate the risks of existing operations.

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Oil & gas

With Assai, Oil and Gas companies can quickly, cheaply and safely set up and operate their critical assets. Assai allows you to achieve long-term success while changing the way your business operates and offering products that the world depends on to keep moving.

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Assai is implemented in transportation projects worldwide, including railways, airports, roadways, tunnels, bridges. With various parties engaged, effective document control is essential to guaranteeing safety, mitigating risks, and completing projects on time and on budget.

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Assai helps to reduce risk and increases safety on mine sites whilst augmenting efficiency.

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences, improve energy efficiency and manage grids and assets, so you can provide essential services to your community every day.

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