Improve efficiency, reduce costs

Your teams can be 60% more productive with Assai. Document Controllers benefit from built-in workflows which automatically forward documents to the next person in line, as well as automatic notifications to remind stakeholders of outstanding actions. Whilst Engineers save time looking for and reviewing documents thanks to integrated redlining and commenting and personal inboxes showing which actions are outstanding. Whether you have an offshore wind project, a solar project or a hydrogen project, Assai is the DMS that supports them all!

New technologies and innovations

Digitizing your project and operations documentation and workflows saves time and money. For example, you can optimize your review process with web-based, integrated redlining and digital stamping or signing supported by DocuSign. What’s more, you can integrate Assai with Digital Twin environments to take your digital transformation to the next level.

Unconventional resources, remote locations

Technological advancement has opened up opportunities for extracting unconventional resources and accessing remote locations. Ensure that you have continuous access to your latest document revisions and files with Assai Onsite, the lightweight version of Assai.

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Other industries

Construction & Engineering

The construction industry is faced with many challenges including labour shortages, stagnant productivity levels, safety, and technology adoption. Assai empowers you to address these challenges in order to propel your organization and operations forward.

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Oil & gas

With Assai, Oil and Gas companies can quickly, cheaply and safely set up and operate their critical assets. Assai allows you to achieve long-term success while changing the way your business operates and offering products that the world depends on to keep moving.

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Assai is implemented in transportation projects worldwide, including railways, airports, roadways, tunnels, bridges. With various parties engaged, effective document control is essential to guaranteeing safety, mitigating risks, and completing projects on time and on budget.

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Assai helps reducing risk and increases safety on mine sites whilst augmenting efficiency.

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences, improve energy efficiency and manage grids and assets so you can provide essential services to your community every day.

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