Installation Options 


Assai is available as a cloud service. Running Assai in the cloud will take away all the worries and burden of hardware and software maintenance. Assai manages the software environment for you. AssaiCLOUD runs inside the Microsoft Azure environment, giving you the certainty and security of a top quality high performance environment. The bandwidth on the ISP site is very high. There are no bottlenecks on Assai side for uploading and downloading files.


Assai On-Premises

Many organizations prefer the in-house storage of data. Assai can be installed in-house. Assai fully configures the environment for you. Hardware requirements are reasonable and technical implementation time is expressed in days.

A key advantage of in-house installation is that the files are stored in your own environment, uploading and downloading files does not have to go across the internet, giving you an even better performance.

Assai Hybrid Environment

The hybrid combines the best of both worlds. One is running Assai in the cloud, but the files are stored in the local environment.
This option is especially interesting for companies, that are confronted with limited bandwidth or strict government regulations concerning the location where files are stored.



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