Increase project and operational success

Without robust document control and management procedures, no software solution will ever solve the frequent issues encountered when managing projects and operations. Document control expertise is necessary to ensure that you have the correct processes set up to ensure on time and in budget delivery. With the right mix of experienced people, efficient processes, and fit-for-purpose technology you can increase project or operational success.

What you can expect

With extensive industry knowledge and experience, our consultants provide practical, experience-driven advice. Assai consultancy is focused on delivering these key objectives: – Reducing cost through improved efficiency – Applying proven best practice – Increasing quality standards and assure compliance – Mitigating and eliminating risk.

Document Control Process & Strategic Assessment

Asses your current document control process with guidance from one of our Document Control Experts. Learn how you can optimise your document control procedures with the help of a gap analysis. Contact us to inquire about an assessment or to schedule a complimentary 15-minute discussion with one of our experts.

Speak to an expert


Get advice from our consultants on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Document control workflow procedures for engineering, procurement, correspondence, and queries;
  • Digital twin integration and integratoin with third-party applications;
  • CFIHOS based document handover procedure;
  • AI-based data scrapping and hot spotting functionality;
  • Industry specific-product development.

Other installations and services


Our 6-step implementation framework is thorough, ensuring success in the implementation of Assai in your organization.



Key users and end-users of Assai are properly trained to use the system.



People from different types of background love working at Assai. About 70 people from about 18 different nationalities work at Assai. Be sure to check our careers page and apply for a suitable role!