Implementation process

Get help with implementing Assai at your organization from Assai’s dedicated team of project managers, implementation consultants and trainers. During the implementation:

  • Your project standards and procedures are loaded into the system.
  • Our technical team installs Assai, this includes the installation and testing of backup and recovery procedures.
  • Your IT team receive maintenance training.
  • You can also receive support for monitoring the health of your system.


Your organisation’s project management methodology and standards are adopted by Assai. During implementation, Assai puts emphasis on control, planning, and risk management. To ensure this we work with project plans, carry out a detailed business analysis, and test and migration plans. Depending on your needs, a fast-track approach can also be adopted, where we focus on getting the system implemented and end-users trained as quickly as possible.

Project management

Depending on your chosen approach, your assigned project manager will produce detailed project (and migration) plans, test plans, test cases, training plans, infrastructural designs, and more. Assai’s team will carry out all planned activities as laid out in the project plan as well as monitoring progress.

Express start

Need Assai installed quickly? Assai’s out-of-the-box solution features standard functionality which is fully flexible and configurable and does not require additional programming. Advantages of this approach include fast delivery, fewer overheads, and quick user take-up with the resulting benefits.

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Other installations and services


Should you have specific questions or complex cases, we provide consultancy services for this.



Key users and end-users of Assai are properly trained to use the system.



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