Stay in control of your asset documentation, organized by asset structure. Use concurrent engineering for maintenance contracts.

Asset Information Management

Build up the asset structure completely in line with your asset breakdown. Link documents, drawings, correspondence, and emails to items in the asset structure. Make use of direct search options on the asset structure to find asset metadata and the related documentation including design documents, vendor documents, emails, and technical queries. Assai also integrates with BIM.

Asset Information Management

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Use the 3D web-based BIM viewer. Fly over your asset, rotate, zoom in, and directly drill down to related documents, drawings, correspondence, emails, queries, asset item metadata, or other BIM files. Assai also supports industry-standard IFC files.

Maintenance Projects

Define and control maintenance projects. Be in full control of which documents and drawings have been assigned to which contractors. Exchange your files with contractors using web-based portals, avoiding the need to manage and control FTP-sites. Benefit from time savings in commissioning and in the handover to operations.


Cost Savings

The cost savings of Assai in your Operational environment far outreach the investment. Integrated processes, corporate standards, easy search and retrieval options, ease of document and data management, control of your maintenance projects – all contribute significantly to reducing the costs of managing your assets. See a return on investment in under six months, with no exceptions.

Project Data Management 

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Building Information Model (BIM)

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Asset Information Management 

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