Planning & Progress

Planning the documents to be produced and compare planned dates with actual progress, on screen or on the reports. Monitor the documents through their design progress, expedite using automatic email notifications, reports and dashboards. Roll up progress to work package and transfer actual progress to your planning system.


Planning & Progress

By linking the documents and drawings to the work packages and associating milestone chains and weight factors, the system can automatically roll up the gained progress to work package level. The updated forecast dates, actual and calculated percentage progress against issued status, can be exported to your planning system. Assai offers many reports and Gantt charts to view and control progress and deliver information.


Interfaces with Primavera and MS Project

Extract the work break down structure form your planning system into Assai, and calculate progress based on the linked documents and drawings, by the click of a button. Calculate planned and forecast progress for every coming project period and compare the actuals in S-Curves. With the press of a button, transfer actual details and progress percentages back to your planning system. AssaiDCMS has full integration with planning tools such as Microsoft Project and Primavera.

Progress Calculation

Engineers check out design, check-in Other engineers review and responsible engineers approve and sometimes reject, Document controllers send our documentation for review or approval. The primary process of your documents and drawings result in gradual gain of progress. In Assai progress is rolled up to work package level, taking weightings into account. So one can identify problem areas at an early stage and take corrective actions in time. Assai puts you in control.


Gantt Charts & S-Curves

Make use of the Gantt-charts that can be opened from the various groupage levels as work packages and asset items (e.g. systems). Make use of the Gantt charts to identify problem areas and drill down to a detailed level, by opening next level of Gantt Charts. Make use of S-curves on any level in your Work Breakdown Structure and have insight to your projects progress.

Document Milestones

Make use of document milestone generation to enhance the accuracy of document progress and hence project progress. Based on predefined milestone sets, Assai can calculate the planned delivery dates of the documents. Life cycle actions will result in the automatic update of the milestones and recalculation of the forecast dates. The forecast dates may be rolled up to work package level and transferred back to your planning system. See the whole picture and stay informed.


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