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Assai offers several different product suites including AssaiPROJECTS, AssaiOPERATIONS, AssaiMOBILE and AssaiONSITE, all dedicated to the needs of your organization.

AssaiDM Light for basic document management requirements

AssaiDM Lights offers you a central web-based repository for documents, drawings, correspondence, and corporate documents. In addition, extensive search and drill-down options are available, as well as intelligent numbering structures. Although check-out and check-in are part of the product, they are not supported by the workflow. Finally, the repository comes with a standard suite of reports.


AssaiDM for professional document management requirements

AssaiDM offers all the functionality of DM Light, but also gives you engineering workspace, workflow functionality, a technical query module, corporate documents, and the Assai Workspace.

AssaiPROJECTS – supporting the project phase

Requiring AssaiDM as a pre-requisite, AssaiPROJECTS supports transmittal-based distribution, distribution matrices, and portal functionality for easy exchange of information with external parties. In addition, it comes with a flexible asset structure. AssaiPROJECTS supports most engineering processes common on major engineering projects out-of-the-box. Moreover, it supports Interface Management and Integrated Project Environment as an optional module.

AssaiOPERATIONS – supporting the Operational Phase

Requiring AssaiDM as a pre-requisite, AssaiOPERATIONS offers all the functionality required to maintain your asset documentation and initiate and control Brownfield projects. Additionally, it offers all the modules covered by AssaiPROJECTS and has a dedicated module for concurrent engineering.


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