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Assai offers several different product suites including AssaiPROJECTS, AssaiOPERATIONS, AssaiMOBILE and AssaiONSITE, all dedicated to the needs of your organization.

Document Management

A central, web-based repository for documents, drawings, and correspondence, with extensive search and drill-down options and intelligent numbering structures. Add to this, workflow functionality including check-out and check-in, as well as engineering workspace, a technical query module, and the Assai Workspace. Finally, the repository comes with a standard suite of reports.

AssaiPROJECTS – supporting the project phase

Requiring AssaiDM as a pre-requisite, AssaiPROJECTS supports transmittal-based distribution, distribution matrices, and portal functionality for easy exchange of information with external parties. In addition, it comes with a flexible asset structure. AssaiPROJECTS supports most engineering processes common on major engineering projects out-of-the-box. Moreover, it supports Interface Management and Integrated Project Environment as an optional module.

AssaiOPERATIONS – supporting the Operational Phase

Requiring AssaiDM as a pre-requisite, AssaiOPERATIONS offers all the functionality required to maintain your asset documentation and initiate and control Brownfield projects. Additionally, it offers all the modules covered by AssaiPROJECTS and has a dedicated module for concurrent engineering.


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