Project Management

Stay informed on the status and progress of the documents and drawings. Easily drill down by discipline, area, work package or any other break down to the required details. Key performance indicators are directly available on dashboards and on reports.

Planning and Progress

Assai is all about planning and progress control. Plan the documents to be produced and compare planned dates with actual progress, on screen or on reports. Monitor the documents being taken into design, expedite using automatic email notifications, reports and dashboards. Documents going through a pre-defined workflow will automatically gain progress. Progress is rolled up to work package, interface or project level and can be passed on to your planning system.



Compile your own dashboards in line with your own requirements. Create dashboards showing pie charts on document status, approval code, grouped by discipline or document type. Create dashboards showing the project progress or number of outstanding and late documents. From project level one can drill down the work break down structure, showing statistics on each level. As a project manager you are informed in real time on the status of document handling, transactions, approvals and progress.


Take advantage of the unparalleled range of out-of-the-box, industry standard reports available. Report Information can also be exported to Excel and other reporting software packages like Crystal and Business Objects, for generating summaries and graphs. Every user can be authorised to run reports taking away some of the burden on the document control team. Reports can be scheduled and the output can be automatically available to selected stakeholders. So for example, every Monday morning the reports are waiting for you in your email inbox.

Project Data Management

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Planning and progress

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Handover and Commissioning

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