When delivering large engineering and construction projects with long lead times, it is important to have insight into the progress of documents and drawings. Progress reporting is demanding and labor-intensive, requiring vast amounts of data gathering and updating, which needs to be repeated on a weekly basis. For project planning, it is also a challenge to generate the right reports and management information.

Effective project planning and technical documentation delivery is mission critical to support the successful execution of major construction projects.

Good planning requires an organized and structured foundation which enable you to reuse and apply common ways of planning and executing across multiple projects. Each new project should also feed back into the foundation for continuous improvement.

With a single click, Assai rolls up the progress of documents and drawings to activity level to give you immediate insight into the status of your project planning. Import activities from your planning system and return rolled up progress information back to your planning system or reporting tools, such as Power BI or Excel. Moreover, Assai has numerous out-of-the-box reports available providing progress information in various formats, including S-curves.

Assai’s progress reporting is always based on the latest information available in Assai. It is fast, efficient, and accurate.

Features include:

  • Automatic status and approval code updates when documents are issued or returned (transition scheme), along with updated progress percentages.
  • Milestone sets, which can be automatically linked to documents based on document characteristics. Planned, forecast, and actual dates for documents are automatically calculated based on the durations of milestones.
  • Forecast and actual dates are automatically updated based on actual progress. Planned dates are never automatically updated to allow for a baseline assessment.
  • Ability to Import or export data from your external planning tools. For instance, you can view a planning tree imported from Oracle Primavera.
  • Functionality for calculating work package level progress based on the per-document progress percentage. Doing this regularly to view planned, forecast, and actual progress for your work package visually.
  • In-depth Gantt chart overview of your work package planning including actual vs planned progress.
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