Engineering and Construction environments can be very demanding. Assai is the system to support your Records Management. With our roots in the Oil and Gas sector, our system adheres to the highest standards for quality, availability and security. Let Assai’s Records Management give you the control and security that you need.

What is Records Management, and why do documents need to be retained?

Engineers handle many documents and drawings, that need to be managed and controlled. Some of these require a stricter regime of control. We refer to these as Records.  Records require extra attention. Losing Records can have catastrophic consequences for your project and  organization. For example, some Records may be essential from a construction or maintenance perspective or for reporting and/or legal reasons.

Records Management is the management and control of your Records, avoiding loss, maintaining accessibility for authorized users and ensuring revisions are managed correctly. Records Management ensures that project-, operational-, organizational- and legal requirements are met and supported.

Assai Records Management

In Assai, Records Management is part of the integrated document management and document control functionality. Easy search and drill down options, advanced access control, strong revision control, intelligent numbering structures, archiving and many other options directly benefit Records Management as a practice.

In addition to the strict revision control in Assai, documents and drawings can explicitly be marked as a “Record”, and when they are, they are fully protected. Only a select group of dedicated record managers are allowed to modify or delete marked Records.

In Assai, Records Management is fully supported by dedicated screens, logging and control reports.


  • Assai supports the full Record life cycle: From the creation of a planned Record, into its design, review, use in operations and ultimately, final disposal.
  • Records Management is supported by retention policies that can easily be assigned to individual Records.
  • Since Assai supports large complex projects and assets, bulk loading, bulk updating and bulk deletion functions are available.
  • Dedicated reports, including lists, graphs and pie charts, help support your Record Management.
  • Dedicated functions for maintenance, inspection and handover help you fully control your Records.
  • Assai supports a grace period, which allows for modifications to a Record before it becomes ‘’official’’.
  • For auditing purposes, all file actions on Records are logged.
  • Assai truly is a common data environment (CDE), giving any authorized stakeholder inside or outside the organization controlled access to your Records. Records can be accessed either using the Assai application or from a third party application, such as Digital Twin.
Records management process

How does it look like?

This is what records management looks like in Assai. In the revision details screen, there is a ‘Record’ indicator to mark individual records:

mark as a record indicator

Or it can be done in bulk on the dedicated Records Management screen:

bulk edit screen

Most users in Assai Admin can mark something as a Record, but only authorized users can unmark a Record.

Disposal of documents that no longer need to be retained

When records no longer need to be retained (e.g. after passing the “retention date” specified for the document in Assai), they may have to be disposed of, i.e. deleted either one by one, or in bulk using the “Delete wizard”.

Users without sufficient privileges cannot delete documents with records, therefore the No option is shown.

delete retained records, no sufficient rights

Dedicated users, with specific rights, have more options. They can bulk delete documents, including records. The search option allows you to easily find documents with a past retention date. In fact, there is a two-step process to deleting Records: first the document is unmarked as a record, and then it is deleted.

Dedicated users with rights to delete records.

You can apply this to your business, staying in compliance with rules and regulations by retaining documents for as long as required!

Assai’s document management system

Assai’s Document Management System is a leading solution for complex projects and operations across multiple industries, including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction & Engineering, Transportation, Mining, Utilities, and Chemicals. The system offers a centralized repository equipped with easy and comprehensive search options for metadata and content, making it easy to manage and retrieve documents, drawings, correspondence, emails, and more.

The system also offers integration with various tools such as Power BI, version control, and redlining features, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for document management needs. With expert support and training, Assai’s Document Management System is an excellent choice for any organization seeking a secure, scalable, customizable document management solution. Check it out on our site, and feel free to book a demo!

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