• Document Management is the practice of saving and storing documents for easy retrieval. Read more on document management.
  • Document Control is the practice of distributing documents to the right recipients and keeping track of documents’ status. This is usually done by document controllers. Read more on document control.
  • Document management is simply the storage and indexing of documents for easy retrieval. Document control is the organization of documents and related records in a consistent, standardized, and controlled way, with the added benefits of information security, revision control, and a reliable audit trail.
  • Assai is the global leader in Document Management Solutions for complex engineering and construction projects, with a unique focus on proactively ‘controlling’ the document revision flows and timely interactions among all project stakeholders.
  • – Assai helps you deliver projects on-time and at a lower cost.
    – Engineers can work more efficiently.
    – Faster communication with external parties and with detailed traceability.
    – Clear and accurate progress reporting.
    – Supports all parties in meeting contractual turnaround times.
    – Assurance of quality and completeness of project data and handover documentation.
    – Assai comes with top-class support for business analysis, implementation, training, and helpdesk support. We are there to help you achieve your goals.
    – Assai is a team of highly professional people, dedicated to both the Assai product and our clients.
  • Assai is derived from the musical term ‘assai’. It means: to increase or to move up. Freely translated: to the next level. We would like to bring our product, and with that our clients business’, to the next level.
  • Assai comes with out-of-the-box functionality for handling documents, drawings, correspondence, queries and requests, forms, file templates, and more. Furthermore, it provides supporting modules such as:
    – An advanced planning module where a work package hierarchy can be defined to monitor and plan document delivery.
    – An Assets module where an asset breakdown structure can be defined to build up document-to-tag relations which are also valuable when the project moves into the subsequent operations phase.
    – A Concurrent Engineering module supports operations in the controlled reviewing of operational documents and drawings…

    Assai offers all of this and much more. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and opportunities for your organization.
  • Assai supports engineering and construction projects in all industries including Renewable Energy, Oil & gas, Construction & engineering, Transport, Utilities and Mining.
  • Assai can be used in all complex engineering and construction projects, including those in oil and gas, mining, renewables, nuclear, water and waste management, road and rail, aviation, and port.
  • The cost of Assai depends on several factors including whether you choose Assai Cloud or Assai On-Premises and number of documents. If you would like to know more, we recommend that you contact us or book a demo in order to discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable sales staff.
  • As a first step, we recommend that you book a demo. Our knowledgeable sales staff will introduce you to the Assai product and establish its suitability for your business. Next, we will send you a questionnaire to establish your requirements and then provide you with a quote.
  • Our REST API allows communication with any system, including SAP, Maximo, and Primavera, Power BI, Aveva, Kongsberg, and many others.
  • Contracts are for an indefinite period of time. Cancellation 6 months prior to the end of each year.
  • 42 seems to be the answer to everything, see Wikipedia.