Introducing Assai

Assai is the global leader in Document Control and Management Solutions for complex engineering and construction projects with a unique focus on pro-actively ‘controlling’ the document revision flows and timely interactions among all project stakeholders.

Leading companies such as ENOC, Qatar Petroleum, Transport for London, Scottish Power and many others trust our self-configurable cloud-based software and we are proud to be working with them.

Assai allows you to proactively manage and deliver projects and operations in time and in budget, at an affordable cost, avoiding redundant work and confusion over version compliance, approval status and unclear tasks.

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Business Benefits

  • Assai helps you deliver projects on-time and at a lower cost
  • Engineers can work more efficiently
  • Faster communication with external parties and with detailed traceability
  • Clear and accurate progress reporting
  • Supports all parties in meeting contractual turnaround times
  • Assurance of quality and completeness of project data and handover documentation
  • Assai comes with top-class support for business analysis, system setup, training and helpdesk. We are there to help you achieve your goals.
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This is what people say about Assai

“Assai will be a positive step change improvement in how EnQuest Malaysia’s Technical Documentation is managed. Management of our technical records is crucial to safe operations and we are looking forward to seeing it expand into the other areas of EnQuest’s business”

EnQuest, Malaysia Operation

“Having already been a user of Assai document control software for eight years when I joined Thames Water’s London Tideway Tunnels project in 2008, Assai was my product of choice for delivering fully user-configurable and comprehensive document control services”

Les Ross, London Tideway Tunnels

“Assai provided Atkins with a web-based document control tool that enabled the tracking of all deliverables on a major infrastructure project. This significantly reduced the risk of deliverables being issued incorrectly and provided thorough reporting to the management team on the progress of our work”


“From my perspective, Assai has been deployed in both Upstream and Downstream capital project areas and on projects ranging in size from small 60 million USD projects to very large projects up in the tens of billions USD range. Assai was and continues to be an integral part of capital project information delivery”

Major Energy Company

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