Document Management

With our Document Management system you store all items in a central repository. Easy and comprehensive search options on metadata and content for documents, drawings, correspondence, emails and more.

Manage your Documents to the Highest Standards

Store all documents, drawings, correspondence, emails, contracts and purchase orders in a central environment.  You control access and always have the latest revisions and versions available for your team.
Support your team with dedicated search and drill down functions. Find the information you need rapidly, using metadata search or content search with document management

Document Management
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with Document Management streamline and control workflows using Assai. Easily setup and maintain workflows. Make use of user inboxes, automatic workflow assignment and forwarding. Take advantage of personal inboxes showing outstanding items. Follow the status of documents, correspondence and emails in flowcharts. Make use of sequential and parallel workflow and automatic escalation options.

Security and Access Control

Assai has strong authorization and identification control. Access control is easily organized in dedicated screens, from project to record level. One is in full control of who is allowed to open which records and files. Every action is logged. Logging to the lowest level can be activated and reported on.

Assai World Wide Accessibility

World Wide Accessibility

Whether running Assai in the cloud, as an on-premises installation or data centre information is always available to all stakeholders, internal and external. Exchange of document data and files with clients, (sub)contractors and vendors is supported using dedicated portals. FTP sites are no longer required, nor is it necessary to attach files to emails. Assai is fully web based, supporting web browsers such as Chrome, IE and Firefox.

Drill Down and Search

Search documents using multiple choice attributes or content search. Make use of the many drill down trees to find documentation like the discipline-document types tree, the originator tree or area-discipline-document types tree and many others. Walk down the Work Breakdown Structure tree folders or the asset structures. Use the AssaiBIM 3D-model viewer to find the required documentation.

Assai drill-down-and-search

Scanner Interface

Assai offers process integration with scanners. Scanned images can be processed easily in a dedicated data entry screen showing the scanned image on the right hand side.

Interfaces with 3rd party DMS

Assai interfaces with 3rd party file management systems, like MS-Sharepoint and Opentext-CS10. Files uploaded in Assai are directly stored in the 3rd party system without any user interference required. Users of Assai do not even notice that the file is uploaded or retrieved from another system. Changes to metadata such as title, status and check-out/check in actions are directly passed on to the external system.


Check-in and Check-out

Check-in and check-out are fully supported including group check-out. When a document revision is checked out, no other person can start working on the document revision: it is temporarily reserved for editing to the person who checked out. Workflows support the required reviews after check-in.

Quality Control

Assai offers a complete set of procedures to manage your data. Procedures that ensure you can control and manage the latest project deliverables. Related information is always directly available. Assai’s in-built and configurable procedures ensure that handover and commissioning is complete and meets regulatory compliance.

Quality Control

Project Data Management 

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Document Control

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