What does the as-built process for complex projects look like?

The as-built process for complex engineering projects typically involves creating and maintaining a set of drawings and other documentation that accurately reflect the final design and construction of the project. This process typically begins during the construction phase of the project, when the design team creates “as-built” drawings that show the exact dimensions, materials, and other details of the project as it is being built.

Once the construction phase is complete, the as-built drawings are typically reviewed and updated to reflect any changes that were made during construction. This updated set of drawings is known as the “as-constructed” documentation, and it is used to verify that the final version of the project matches the original design intent.

An electronic document management system (eDMS) such as Assai can support the as-built process by providing a centralized repository for all the project’s as-built and as-constructed documentation. This allows all members of the design and construction teams to access the latest version of the drawings and other documents, and ensures that everyone is working from the same set of up-to-date information.

In addition to storing and organizing the project’s as-built documentation, Assai also provides tools for managing and tracking changes to the documents, and for collaborating with other team members. This can help the design and construction teams to work more efficiently and effectively, and can improve the overall accuracy and quality of the as-built documentation.

As-built features of Assai

Easy distribution

Assai makes it easy to distribute the latest document revisions to the relevant users.

Integrated redlining & commenting

On site, the As-built engineer is supported with integrated redlining and commenting available on any mobile device via Assai Mobile as well as a dedicated redline file inbox showing all outstanding documents.

Transmittal distribution

Documents that require adjustment can be forwarded via a transmittal to the engineering team or external contractor.

Reporting & dashboards

Standard reports and dashboards give you a clear insight allowing you to see when stakeholders are late or due to be late and take follow up actions.

Group by As-built requirement

In Assai, you can group all documents that require As-Built approval, even from the beginning of the project, saving you valuable time at the end when pressure is highest.

Monitor As-built progress

At a project-level, you have clear insight into the progress of the As-Built process across multiple plants or sites.

Other functionalities


When it comes to pre-commissioning and commissioning, Assai saves you time, money and reduces risk. The combination of Assai Mobile and QR codes make it easy to look up and complete checklists on-site.

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Simple search screens allow you to quickly find and identify which documents are ready for handover, and to perform document handovers.

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Assai’s REST API supports information exchange with other applications, allowing you to connect to the tools you need to get your job done.

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Engineers can use redlining to comment on drawings, and suggest changes, while checking the actual build status of the project.

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