What are digital signatures used for?

Digital signatures are used for authenticating the identity of the sender of a message or the signer of a document, and for providing the receiver with the means to verify that the message or document was indeed sent or signed by the claimed sender or signer.

Digital signature features of Assai

Document Stamping

Stamp documents directly in Assai.

Document Signing

Sign documents using DocuSign.

Other functionalities

As-built (process)

Easily distribute the latest document revisions to the site and updated documents back to the engineering team or external contractor so that they can be converted into As-built drawings.

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When it comes to pre-commissioning and commissioning, Assai saves you time, money and reduces risk. The combination of Assai Mobile and QR codes make it easy to look up and complete checklists on-site.

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Simple search screens allow you to quickly find and identify which documents are ready for handover, and to perform document handovers.

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Engineers can use redlining to comment on drawings, and suggest changes, while checking the actual build status of the project.

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