What is an integrated project environment?

An integrated project environment (IPE) is a centralized system or platform that provides a unified and streamlined approach to manage and control documents within a project. It encompasses all aspects of document management, including creation, storage, distribution, review, approval, and revision of project-related documents. The IPE serves as a single source of truth for all project documentation, providing easy access and visibility to all stakeholders.

In the context of document control, the IPE helps to ensure that the right version of a document is being used at all times, and that changes and updates are made in a controlled and traceable manner. It helps to eliminate confusion, reduce errors, and promote efficiency in the handling of project documentation.

An IPE is particularly useful in industries such as construction, engineering, and architecture, where multiple stakeholders are involved in the creation, review, and approval of project documents. It enables effective collaboration, reduces administrative workload, and ensures compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Integrated Project Environment features of Assai


All project stakeholders have access to the full document control capabilities of Assai.

Cost effective

Multiple parties can work from the same Assai database.

Easy and efficient

No (S)FTP connection or Assai Portal is required for document exchange.

Saves time

No more download and upload actions.


Users can only see data for which they have the correct privileges (authorisation).

Other functionalities

As-built (process)

Easily distribute the latest document revisions to the site and updated documents back to the engineering team or external contractor so that they can be converted into As-built drawings.

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When it comes to pre-commissioning and commissioning, Assai saves you time, money and reduces risk. The combination of Assai Mobile and QR codes make it easy to look up and complete checklists on-site.

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Simple search screens allow you to quickly find and identify which documents are ready for handover, and to perform document handovers.

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Assai’s REST API supports information exchange with other applications, allowing you to connect to the tools you need to get your job done.

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Engineers can use redlining to comment on drawings, and suggest changes, while checking the actual build status of the project.

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