Pre-commissioning and commissioning features of Assai

Checkpoints & Checklists

Predefine checkpoints that need to be performed during pre-commissioning of the asset. Organise checkpoints into checklists and assign checklists to asset items. For faster setup, Assai offers bulk load features.

Automatically assign checklists

Create rules to automatically assign checklists to asset items. For instance, based on the type of asset item and/or the commissioning stage.

Complete checklists on-site

Engineers can easily complete all necessary checklists on-site using Assai Mobile. Quickly update the status of checkpoints with either OK, Not Applicable or Punch List.

Punch lists

Punch lists that result from checkpoints need to be resolved. The actions can be shared via a simple remark, via a file attachment or photo taken with the mobile device.

QR code generation

Generate QR codes for asset items in Assai. Accelerating digital transformation of asset items into an easy and modern retrieval format.

QR code scanning

Assai users can scan QR codes physically labelled on asset items to open asset item details in Assai Mobile and complete any outstanding checklists.

Management & reporting

Assai offers a dedicated screen where you can view all assigned checklists, with their status and progress. Alternatively, use Power BI reporting to monitor all assigned checklists, supported by interactive graphs and charts.

Information exchange

Use the Assai Rest API to exchange checklist and checkpoint information with other applications.

Other functionalities

As-built (process)

Easily distribute the latest document revisions to the site and updated documents back to the engineering team or external contractor so that they can be converted into As-built drawings.

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Simple search screens allow you to quickly find and identify which documents are ready for handover, and to perform document handovers.

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Assai’s REST API supports information exchange with other applications, allowing you to connect to the tools you need to get your job done.

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Engineers can use redlining to comment on drawings, and suggest changes, while checking the actual build status of the project.

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