What is redlining for engineers?

Redlining is a common term used in engineering and design work to refer to the practice of adding comments or notes to a technical drawing using a red colored pen or pencil. This is typically done to highlight changes that need to be made to the drawing, or to point out potential problems or issues. Engineers use redlining functionality on drawings as a way to communicate their changes and suggestions to other members of the design team, and to ensure that the final version of the drawing accurately reflects the intended design.

To use redlining functionality on a drawing, an engineer will first open the drawing in Assai. They will then use the redlining tool to add comments or notes to the drawing, typically using a (red) colored font or highlight to make them stand out. The redlining comments will typically include information about the changes that need to be made, as well as any other relevant details or instructions.

Once the engineer has finished adding their redlining comments to the drawing, they will save the revised version of the drawing in Assai and share it with the rest of the design team. Other team members, such as the responsible engineer, can then review the redlining comments and make the necessary changes to the drawing. This process can be repeated as needed until the final version of the drawing is complete and ready for use in the engineering project.

Overall, redlining functionality on drawings is a valuable tool for engineers and other professionals, as it allows them to clearly communicate their changes and suggestions to the rest of the team and ensure that the final version of the drawing accurately reflects the intended design.

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Redlining features of Assai

Upload RLMU files

Easily attach RLMU files or create them directly in Assai Mobile using a tablet.  In Assai, RLMU files have their own file type.

Approve RLMU files

Option to enable an approval step for newly added RLMU files. The responsible engineer(s) approves RLMU files via a dedicated Assai inbox. Only after approval, will the RLMU files become visible to all other users.

Identify RLMU files

(Approved) RLMU files are easily identifiable, ensuring that engineers always know when they are available for a drawing.

Process RLMU files

Document Controllers can easily distribute drawings that have RLMU files, so that they can be processed into new revisions.

Other functionalities

As-built (process)

Easily distribute the latest document revisions to the site and updated documents back to the engineering team or external contractor so that they can be converted into As-built drawings.

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When it comes to pre-commissioning and commissioning, Assai saves you time, money and reduces risk. The combination of Assai Mobile and QR codes make it easy to look up and complete checklists on-site.

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Simple search screens allow you to quickly find and identify which documents are ready for handover, and to perform document handovers.

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Assai’s REST API supports information exchange with other applications, allowing you to connect to the tools you need to get your job done.

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