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What is an Electronic Document Management System (eDMS)?

Electronic document management systems (eDMS) are modern solutions that enable organizations to efficiently and securely manage, organize, and share their digital documents, such as PDFs, word processing files, spreadsheets, presentations or drawings, and digital scans of paper-based content. 

These systems provide a central repository for all electronic documents, making them easily accessible to authorized users. With an eDMS, you can improve collaboration and productivity, reduce the risk of errors and data loss, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

An eDMS can also be referred to as an DMS, because the electronic/digital part is logical these days. Also read: What is document management, and what is a DMS?

What is included in an eDMS?

An eDMS typically includes core features such as Document Management, Document Control and Asset Information Management and advanced features such as version control, metadata tagging, search and retrieval, and workflow automation. These features enable users to find, access easily and share the right documents. For example, users can use an eDMS to track the status of a document, set up alerts and reminders, and automatically route documents for review and approval.  

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What are the benefits of an eDMS?


With an eDMS, employees can access documents from any device, at any time, from any location, which can improve their flexibility and productivity. An eDMS can also make it easier for organizations to share documents with external partners, such as customers and suppliers, improving communication and collaboration.


An eDMS typically includes features such as full-text search, document tagging, and metadata, making it easier for employees to find and retrieve the documents they need. This can save time and effort and help improve an organization’s overall efficiency.

Flexibility and growth

An eDMS can be easily customized and configured to meet the specific needs and requirements of your organization and can be easily expanded and upgraded as your organization grows and changes. This can help to ensure that your eDMS remains relevant and effective over time.


Another benefit of an eDMS is that it can help standardize how documents are managed within an organization. An eDMS provides a consistent framework for organizing, storing, and accessing documents, which can help to ensure that documents are easy to find and that they are up-to-date and accurate. This can help prevent errors, inconsistencies, and misunderstandings and improve the overall quality and reliability of the information within an organization.

Time and cost savings

An eDMS automates many manual processes in managing documents, such as filing, storing, and retrieving them. This can help reduce employees’ time and effort on these tasks and improve their productivity and efficiency. It also helps organizations save money by reducing the need for physical storage space, such as file cabinets and storage rooms.  

Peace of mind

An eDMS can also provide peace of mind by ensuring that important documents are secure and protected from unauthorized access or tampering. An eDMS typically includes features such as access control, encryption, and backup and recovery, which can help to safeguard your organization’s sensitive and confidential information. Finally, the system provides features and integrations such as reminders and reporting that help the work process smooth. 


An eDMS supports complex engineering projects and operations

Choose the right eDMS for your organizations

When choosing an eDMS, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and requirements. Some solutions are better suited for small businesses, while others are more appropriate for large enterprises. You should also consider the level of security and compliance offered by the supplier and its integration capabilities with other systems. 

Assai’s eDMS

At Assai, we offer an electronic document management system designed to meet different industries’ needs, including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction & Engineering, Transportation, Mining, and Utilities. Our user-friendly, secure, and scalable solutions come with expert support and training. Contact us today to learn more about how an eDMS can benefit your business. 

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Other applications and solutions

Common Data Environment

A Common Data Environment (CDE) is a centralized system used to manage and share data among various stakeholders during a built asset’s design, construction, and operation, such as a building or infrastructure project.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

Assai for EPC's

Our EPC solution puts project stakeholders in control, allowing them to manage revision processes and time-dependent interactions proactively.

Assai for EPC’s

What our clients say

Capterra reviews

"Enterprise functionality with bespoke Vendor support"


We primarily moved the Document Control work outside of our perimeter. Reduced our manpower by 80% and doubled throughput in terms of deliverables. Assai gave us the opportunity to unify our systems through their connecter, saving time maintaining two systems and removing the inherent risk of data mismatches. We moved from a manual distribution of deliverables for comment to semi-automated and finally onto automated, this was all enabled and managed by the Assai product enabling a step change in the way we handle documentation pertaining to our Assets.

Matthew C.Document Control Lead, Oil & Energy, 1001-5000 employees

"Assai continues to be an integral part of capital project information delivery."


From my perspective, Assai has been deployed in both Upstream and Downstream capital project areas and on projects ranging in size from small 60 million USD projects to very large projects up in the tens of billions USD range. Assai was and continues to be an integral part of capital project information delivery.

Major Energy Company

"Using Assai significantly reduced risk for Atkins"


Assai provided Atkins with a web-based document control tool that enabled the tracking of all deliverables on a major infrastructure project. This significantly reduced the risk of deliverables being issued incorrectly and provided thorough reporting to the management team on the progress of our work.


"Assai was my product of choice"


Having already been a user of Assai document control software for eight years when I joined Thames Water’s London Tideway Tunnels project in 2008, Assai was my product of choice for delivering fully user-configurable and comprehensive document control services.

Les RossLondon Tideway Tunnels

"Management of our technical records is crucial to safe operations"


Assai will be a positive step change improvement in how EnQuest Malaysia’s Technical Documentation is managed. Management of our technical records is crucial to safe operations, and we are looking forward to seeing it expand into the other areas of EnQuest’s business.

EnquestMalaysia Operation

"Feedback on Assai"

Overall: Very good. Surely will recommend to anyone
1) Easy and short implementation
2) Cloud based and fully support & maintenance free
3) Very user friend licensing structure
4) Good pricing approach
5) Small team and responsive support
Raymond S.Information Manager, Oil & Energy sector, 1001-5000 employees

"Assai is one of the best Document Management/ Project Monitoring System in the Market"

Overall: Projects can be completed on time.
Pros: It’s very efficient, user-friendly, excellent functionalities, amazing support resources. Never came across a situation with an issue with the product
Raed A.Project Manager in Oil & Energy sector, 1001-5000 employees

"The data and it’s management have been rock solid through every upgrade"


Our projects are very long in duration, 5+ years easily, and we’ve been using Assai since 2012. The product’s user interface has come along way from when it was first installed, but the data, and it’s management have been rock solid through every upgrade. Our business relationship has been good, and Assai is customer focused.

Robert M.Director, Information Systems, Transportation, 201-500 employees

"Maximum Return on Investment"


I have succesfully deployed Assai on multi-billion£ programmes such as Highspeed 1 (CTRL), Dublin Airport Expansion and the London 2012 Olympic Park construction. Assai is unique because it was designed from the inside out around proven best practice business processes. It is highly user configurable. The reporting suite is comprehensive and powerful. Assai can interface with Primavera P6 to roll up accurate progress to the plan. Assai is better equipped for BIM than any of the many pretenders on the market; the Asset and Data Management suite is second to none.

John B.IM/DC Manager/SME/Trainer, Oil & Energy sector

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