Core functionality

Document Management (DM)

Don’t just store your documents, proactively manage them!

  • One central repository for all your drawings, documents and revisions
  • Easy search and find documents through content search and metadata
  • Assign responsible engineers to take action on documents
  • Checkout a document to work on it, then check it in again.
  • Build workflows easily to streamline document flow
  • Safe and secure access from all around the world to your documents
  • Manage your data, do quality control and review the audit trail
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Document Control (DC)

Go further than just document management, implement document control!

  • Latest revision of the document shows on top
  • Document Controllers can distribute documents to people inside and outside the organization
  • Set alerts for document status changes or new revisions
  • Distribute docs and drawings to subcontractors through transmittal functionality
  • Redlining and commenting functionality for engineers
  • Email notifications for outstanding actions
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Asset Information Management (AIM)

Manage the flow of information of your assets throughout the entire lifecycle.

  • Bulk load your asset structure or build it as you see fit, all breakdown structures supported
  • Multiple breakdown structures possible in parallel, e.g. systems and locations
  • Achieve cost savings by having all the relevant documentation available at your fingertips
  • Monitor progress of deliverables, using Gantt charts and pie charts with drill-down options
  • Reporting and quality control available out of the box.
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