asset information management

What is Asset Information Management?

Asset Information management ensures the integrity of your data across systems and the associated people during the lifecycle of an asset from design, commissioning, handover, operations and de-commissioning. A key function involves sharing of information so that all parties have the current document. It also includes the ability to audit who accessed, altered or deleted a document.

Asset Information Management in Assai allows you to define the structure of your asset, including metadata, and implement revision control on your asset items. A full history of your asset items is easily accessible and links to all related documentation. View your asset structure via 2D-drillown.

Intelligent numbering structures can be defined for any asset type. Moreover, sequences are automatically generated. As a result, assigning unique numbers to systems, tags, etc. is easy and controlled.

asset information management - asset breakdown structure

Asset Breakdown Structure

Build up your asset structure or bulk load the structure from third-party systems. Assai supports all breakdown structures including system, package units, corrosion loops, and tags. Moreover, elements can reside and be part of systems and locations at the same time. No matter which tree you walk down, you will find the items you are looking for. Finally, all related documents, drawings, and correspondence items are directly visible in the asset item screens.

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Structured Documentation Delivery

Structured Documentation Delivery

There are many advantages to defining an asset breakdown structure at the start of the project phase. Not least, the significant time and cost savings when supporting the As-Built, Commissioning, and Handover stages. Although Operations are usually not the direct concern of the EPC contractor, proper handover to the client can help you win the next contract.

Asset item revision control

Asset Item Revision Control and Check-out/Check-in

Revision control can be activated depending on the stage of the asset item. Doing so will force the controlled check out of the asset item. Subsequently, any changes are logged and controlled. Revision control guarantees a full audit history of all changes to the asset. Additionally, only authorized staff can create new revisions.

OCR scanning for asset information management

OCR Scanning on Upload

The system recognizes references to package units, areas, systems, and tags during the upload of documents and drawings. Consequently, the uploaded document or drawing is automatically linked to the corresponding element in the asset structure.

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Asset information management features of Assai

Asset Hierarchy

Set up your asset breakdown structure and bulk load the asset hierarchy and its related document to tag relations. The “asset to tag” relationships allow users to immediately view the documents associated with a tag or equipment.

Asset information management (AIM)

Store detailed information for each of the items in the asset hierarchy, including attributes, numbering structures and commissioning stages.


With the setup of a 2D-drilldown drawing, users can click anywhere on the drawing to drilldown to the document they need.

QR code generation & scanning

Generate QR codes for asset items in Assai. Users can then scan QR codes physically labelled on asset items to open their details in Assai Mobile.

Automatic notifications

Define stakeholders who can receive automatic notifications when changes are made to asset items.

Digital Twin

Assai can be used as the Common Data Environment supporting a Digital Twin.

Other functionality

Document Management

Make sure your team members don’t waste time looking for documents, with easy and comprehensive search functionality. In Assai’s Document Management System, documents are both secure and accessible.

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Document Control

Proactively control document flows and timely interactions among all stakeholders – with Assai. Informative dashboards visually capture the status of documents, so you can quickly see which are overdue and take action.

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