What is Document Control?

Document control refers to the procedures that are enforced during the creation, review, approval, release, distribution, access, storage, security, correction and disposal of documents. Document control therefore covers the standards during the entire document lifecycle.

Assai has Document Control as a core feature of its product. See the video to discover how it is used in practice.

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Distribution dashboard for document control

Get immediate insight into the status of documents and transmittals and manage all Document Control actions from the Distribution Dashboard. From here it is possible to drill down to a deeper level of detail via one of the graphs or the list view.

document control reminders via email notifications

Automated e-mail reminders

Reduce the time you spend chasing project stakeholders for documents. Configure the system to send automatic e-mail reminders when documents are late or due to be late. You can also send manual reminders via the distribution dashboard.

document control transmittal based workflow

Document Control via Transmittal-based workflow

Automatically generate internal transmittals using distribution matrices and lists. Due dates are automatically calculated (based on the document status code).

Staging area for document controllers

In the “staging area” of Assai Admin, you can review and accept documents uploaded by external parties via the secure “Assai Portal”. Once accepted, the documents will become visible to all users.

Intelligent numbering structures that are customizable

Set up intelligent document numbering structures where every composition element has a meaning. Assai automatically generates the next number in the sequence.

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Transmittal statuses for document control

Document Controllers can quickly see which documents on a transmittal require their attention thanks to Transmittal Statuses. This is unique functionality from Assai.

Share & transfer documents

Easily share and transfer documents to other projects. When shared, the ownership of the document remains in the source project and is available as a “read-only” document in the receiving project. When transferred, the ownership of the document is transferred to the other project.

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Document Control features of Assai

Deliverable management

Fully control the status of project deliverables from pre-loading a Master Document Register, through review and approval, as-building, and handover to operations.

Automated distribution

Distribute document revisions quickly and efficiently. Import distribution matrices or lists to enable automated document distribution. Always have clarity on what actions need to be taken, by whom and when.

Personal inboxes

Always know which documents need your attention thanks to Assai’s personal inboxes, supported by action counters, notifications, and late action reminders. Delegate actions to others when needed.

Integrated redlining and commenting

Optimise your review process with integrated and collaborative redline tools. Annotate documents, review others’ comments and stamp or sign documents to give your approval.

Collaborate with external parties

Easily collaborate with external parties who need to receive, submit or review documents, correspondence or queries, with Assai Portal.

Staging area

Review and accept documents submitted by external parties. Once accepted, revisions are visible to all users.

Document Control Dashboards & Reporting

Get immediate insight into progress of deliverables with live dashboards and reports. Build your own reports with the Power BI integration.

Other functionalities

Document Management

Make sure your team members don’t waste time looking for documents, with easy and comprehensive search functionality. In Assai’s Document Management System, documents are both secure and accessible.

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