What is Document Management?

Document Management is the process (or system) of capturing, tracking, and storing documents such as PDFs, word processing files, spreadsheets, presentations or drawings, and digital scans of paper-based content. Document management saves time and money by providing centralized storage and retrieval, document security, access control, and audit trails.

Assai has Document Management as a core feature of its software. See the video to discover how it is used in practice.

eDMS is valuable for any organization

Document Management with Assai's DMS

Assai’s Document Management system stores all your items in a central repository equipped with easy and comprehensive search options on metadata and content for documents, drawings, correspondence, emails, and more.

Store all documents, drawings, correspondence, emails, contracts, and purchase orders in a central environment. Most importantly, you control access and always have the latest revisions and versions available for your team. In addition, dedicated search and drill-down functions allow you to find the information you need rapidly, using metadata search or content search with document management.

Document management workflow

Document Management Workflow

Assai’s Document Management System provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining and controlling workflows. To begin with, it enables you to set up and manage workflows effortlessly. Furthermore, it leverages features such as user inboxes, automatic workflow assignments, and forwarding, as well as personal inboxes displaying pending items. In addition, you can track the progress of documents, correspondence, and emails using flowcharts. Lastly, the system supports sequential and parallel workflows and includes automatic escalation options for added convenience.

Document management drilldown and search

Document Management Drill-Down and Search

Assai’s Document Managemenoptions for document search and retrieval such:

  • Multiple-choice attributes
  • Content search
  • Drill-down trees; the discipline-document types tree, the originator tree, and the area-discipline-document types tree
  •  Alternatively, walk down the Work Breakdown Structure tree folders or the asset structures.

We pride ourselves on bringing down retrieval time compared to other systems and improving time-to-document.

Asset item revision control

Check-out and Check-in with Assai's DMS

Check-out and check-in as a document management practice are fully supported, including group check-out. Thus, when a document revision is checked out, no other person can start working on the document revision – it is temporarily reserved for editing by the person who checked it out. Workflows support the required reviews after check-in.

Document management integrations

Document management Integrations with third-party DMS's

Assai interfaces with third-party file management systems, including MS-Sharepoint and Opentext-CS10. Files uploaded to Assai are seamlessly stored in the third-party system without any additional user involvement. In fact, the user will be unaware of the transfer of the file to and from the other system. Furthermore, any modifications to metadata, such as the title, status, and check-out/check-in actions, are immediately reflected in the external system.

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Document management features of Assai

Comprehensive search options with our DMS

Includes a Google-style search bar, standard metadata search fields and content search.

Folder trees

Assai automatically organises documents based on their metadata. This makes it easier to drill down to find the correct document.

Assai Workspace for your custom DMS

Create custom folder trees within different work areas. Each team can have their own workspace, with their own folder trees.


Check-out/check-in functionality ensures that only one person is working on a record at the same time.


Stay informed on your key documents. The system allows you to save documents to your favourites and get notifications when changes are made.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for document management

Speed up document entry with OCR. Create custom templates to extract relevant metadata when uploading files into Assai.


Hover over file icons to preview file contents without opening.

Document Stamping & Signing inside the DMS

Stamp documents directly in Assai.  Sign documents using DocuSign.

Supersede documents

Easily replace an out-of-date document by one or multiple documents, directing users to the correct document.

Correspondence & Queries in document management

Manage project correspondence and (technical) queries using custom workflows inside our DMS.

Bulk load documents and records in our DMS

Load thousands of records in one go including related pdfs and native files.

File generation based on templates

Generate files and auto-populate the front pages and data blocks. Supported for MS-Office files, AutoCAD and MicroStation.


Automatically identify tags and equipment on the files and add hotspots. Activating hotspots opens the equipment or tag detail screen.

Automatic rendering

On upload of native files, automatically render the files to pdf.

Archiving of documents

Archive files at the end of a project or asset life cycle. Supported by easy restoration (document management practice).

Record Access Control

Fully control who is allowed to see, open, update, delete or manage records and files. Automatic assignment of access rights is supported.

Reporting inside DMS

Many standard reports are directly available in the application. Moreover, you can easily export to applications, such as Excel and Power BI.

Intelligent numbering structures for document management

Set up your company’s own numbering structures. Unique document numbers are guaranteed.

Other functionality

Document Control

Proactively control document flows and timely interactions among all stakeholders – with Assai. Informative dashboards visually capture the status of documents, so you can quickly see which are overdue and take action.

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