Never waste time looking for the correct revision

Assai’s powerful search functionality and the fact that the latest revision always shows on top, not only reduces the risk of working from the wrong document but also leads to significant time savings.

Assai for Engineers includes features such as:

Personal Inboxes

Always know which documents need your attention thanks to Assai’s personal inboxes, supported by action counters, notifications, and late action reminders. Delegate actions to others when needed.

Integrated redlining and commenting

Optimise your review process with integrated and collaborative redline tools. Annotate documents, review others’ comments and stamp or sign documents to give your approval.

Revision control

Don’t waste time looking for or working from the wrong revision. Assai always displays the latest revision by default, giving you peace of mind.

Assai Workspace

Create custom folder trees within different work areas. Each team can have their own workspace, with their own folder trees.


Many standard reports are directly available in the application. Easy export to applications such as Excel and Power BI

Other roles


Get insight in your projects’ status by reviewing the document status. See which documents are overdue and where action is needed.

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Allow access to documents by external users, such as subcontractors, by providing them a portal in which they can access and provide revisions.

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