Drilldown graphs

Graphs are available on document planning and status, and you can click on them to view details! This is also possible with our PowerBI integration.

document control distribution dashboard

Gantt charts, S-curves and dashboards

Easily view the progress of documents and projects through our elaborate Gantt charts and S-Curves. Also, it is clearly indicated in which stage each document is and which status it has.

Easy overview of outstanding actions

See at a glance which actions are outstanding, and bulk notify the responsible people.

Document management integrations

Integrations with planning tools

Assai integrates with amongst others Microsoft Projects and Primavera.

More on planning tools integrations

Other roles


Each engineer has their own inbox showing all outstanding actions, as well as a dedicated screen for redlining and commenting. Because the latest revision shows on top, engineers always work from the right document. Get a day back in your week – use Assai!

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Allow access to documents by external users, such as subcontractors, by providing them a portal in which they can access and provide revisions.

More on Subcontractors