Document Management

Store and organise documents for easy retrieval. Make sure your team members don’t waste time looking for documents, with easy and comprehensive search functionality. In Assai’s Document Management System, documents are both secure and accessible.

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asset information management

Asset Information Management

Manage and organise your documentation based on assets and asset structure. Easily track and manage all documentation related to your asset – from acquisition to retirement – with Assai.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get immediate insight into the progress of deliverables with live dashboards and reports. Assai offers a wide variety of standard reports as well as the option to build your own reports with the Power BI integration.

Other roles


Get insight in your projects’ status by reviewing the document status. See which documents are overdue and where action is needed.

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Allow access to documents by external users, such as subcontractors, by providing them a portal in which they can access and provide revisions.

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Each engineer has their own inbox showing all outstanding actions, as well as a dedicated screen for redlining and commenting. Because the latest revision shows on top, engineers always work from the right document. Get a day back in your week – use Assai!

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