Assai Portal for external users such as subcontractors

Functionality for external users

Assai Portal is created to give external users, such as subcontractors, access to the documents you specify.

Subcontractors can send and receive documents in bulk in Assai Portal

Receive and send transmittals and upload revisions

External parties can receive and upload document revisions in bulk. You then can choose to accept them as new revisions or send them back for improvement.

Detailed logs on actions from subcontractors in Assai Portal

Detailed logs on every action

You can see whether the documents are accessed, downloaded and accepted. You will not have to worry whether an email has been received or not, you can check the documents’ status!

Other roles


Get insight in your projects’ status by reviewing the document status. See which documents are overdue and where action is needed.

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Each engineer has their own inbox showing all outstanding actions, as well as a dedicated screen for redlining and commenting. Because the latest revision shows on top, engineers always work from the right document. Get a day back in your week – use Assai!

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