Research conducted by* stated that 21.3% of productivity was lost due to document management challenges. This is a big issue for companies who run complex projects and operations that generate vast quantities of documents, drawings, correspondence, queries and requests, and more. Poor document management has a negative impact on the performance and output of your project, from decreased efficiency to failure to deliver projects on time and in budget.

Fortunately, Assai’s Document Management System helps you to resolve document management issues for your projects and operations. As the global leader in Document Management solutions for complex engineering and construction projects and operations, Assai can store all types of documents, including drawings, correspondence, e-mails, contracts, and purchase orders in a central environment. Moreover, Assai can be used as your open Common Data Environment, where you have control over who has access to which documents.

Assai’s Document Management software offers various features for your projects and operations needs, including:

  • Comprehensive Search Options – quickly find the document you are looking for by using metadata or content search;
  • Folder Trees – organise each document based on their metadata to make it easier to drill down and find the correct document
  • Assai Workspace – a feature that allows you to create custom folder trees within different work areas. You can also create a custom team workspace with their own folder trees;
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create custom templates to extract relevant metadata when uploading files into Assai;
  • Supersede Documents – easily replace out-of-date documents by one or multiple documents, directing users to the correct document;
  • Integration with reporting tools – export information to tools such as Power BI for building graphs, pie charts, and lists.

Assai’s Document Management System has many features beyond those listed above. These include many valuable features to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects and operations. Are you still in doubt? Feel free to contact our sales and marketing team to book a demo!


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